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At XLab, we offer 3 types of result-driven digital marketing solutions to a broad range of corporate clients in Japan.

Our main line of service is based on providing small businesses with innovative digital ad services. We analyze and optimize business strategies with lead generation, sales funnels, PPC, SEM/SEO campaigns tailored for each project. Since 2012 we have been entrusted with more than 4 billion Japanese Yen (Approx. 35 million USD) worth of advertisement investments from our clients.

Using this digital marketing experience, we have also developed a range of comprehensive training seminars for entrepreneurs, design agencies and even competitor ad agencies. We provide a ‘hands-on’ approach and all our content is proven to create measurable results.

Also, we are actively searching for partnerships and joint ventures with promising entrepreneurs and businesses that provide services focused on fulfilling the needs of our current society.

We are result-driven marketing specialists and an agency that wants to grow with our clients and always looks forward to new, creative and challenging projects.

Our Mission

Our ambition is to revitalize the
'small and medium sized business' economy in Japan







Our mission is to support the growth and success of small and medium sized businesses in Japan.
To accomplish this, we deliver our services with passion, hold high expectations,
and create ambitious goals in all projects we take on.
Whenever we face an obstacle, we turn it into a challenge and always aim to provide clients
with the best solutions for growth through real results.

Direct Response Marketing Specialists

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How We Continually Provide Value

Our emphasis in utilizing
the PDCA Cycle

The PDCA Cycle consists of 4 elements.

The PDCA Cycle consists of 4 elements. 「Plan」→「Do」→「 Check」→「Act」. By repeating this process we are able to continually control and improve products and services. For those with a background in marketing, this is something you would have definitely already come across.

However, in reality, many CEOs and business owners haven't applied this process to their business strategies.

Using this PDCA Cycle we will identify issues in your marketing strategies, make improvements and adjustments, and continually test at a rate faster than any other marketing agency. For our clients, we don't just deliver a service and say goodbye, we continually seek out better methods and channels in order to achieve the most viable result faster.

XLab Original Marketing Content

Tested and proven examples of
'Customer Acquisition' techniques in our in-house media

XLab online

XLab Online is a free course for CEOs, entrepreneurs and small business owners that want to learn 'customer acquisition' techniques on the go. The course is in the form of a blog with regular updates that focuses mainly on the newest techniques and skills related to Marketing, PPC Ads, Copywriting and DRM. It has been only half a year from release and has reached more than 2,000 subscribers and is a must-read of many major firm CEOs and marketing managers.

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Bishinkyushin is a health and beauty media site to support women in their 30's and 40's to learn how to revitalize their life and 'Live Beautifully'. Users can find a range of advice, from addressing physical aging issues to increasing confidence and spiritual health. Holistic diet and health seminars are also held periodically. Bishinkyushin provides a stress-free and natural way to improve a Women's Health, Diet, Beauty, Self-Care and Fashion.

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woman XLab-online

woman XLab-online is a subdivision of XLab-online made specifically for female entrepreneurs, businesswoman and working mothers. It covers topics such as marketing, work-life, family and child care and is a hub for working woman to share ideas on balancing work and family. Through content the site hopes to encourage and support females to amplify their opportunities and realize their full potential.

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